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Retail Food Program

Sharing food at the community level

The Retail Food Program is part of our National Food Sharing System. It pairs participating locations of large retailers with local community food banks to provide safe, quality food, including fresh, frozen, and non-perishable foods, and consumer goods.

This program helps to ensure that food banks across Canada — even those in smaller communities — receive a regular, ongoing supply of essential items.

In a typical year, the Retail Food Program provides local food banks with 2 to 3 million kg (4.5 to 6.5 million lbs) of food.

"The retail food program has benefitted us at The Salvation Army by providing us with non-perishable food items that help us to keep our food bank shelves stalked. We run our food bank 3 days a weeks and the donations that we are receiving go a long way in helping support our Community."

Karen Mallett, Salvation Army Summerside (May 2015)

"The retail food program spearheaded by Food Banks Canada created a strong relationship with two of the largest retailers in Canada – Loblaw and Wal-Mart. This relationship ensured the trust of our local stores and management teams to join in the donation of perishable and non-perishable items. The logistics were seamless for our Food Bank team as well as the groups at the store level."

Bernadette Siracky, Kamloops Food Bank (June 2014)

To participate, please call Joanna Hillier at (905) 602-5234 ext 242.


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