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Canadians in rural communities rely on a food bank

Food Banks Canada and CBC’s Live Right Now Partnering to Help Canadian Families in Need

In the ongoing effort to address hunger in Canada, Food Banks Canada is partnering with CBC’s annual Live Right Now campaign. This year’s campaign goal encourages families to come together for meals while helping to raise 100,000 meals for families in need.

Food Banks Canada’s 2012 HungerCount survey, reports that over 880,000 Canadians area assisted by food banks every month, a 31% increase since the 2008-09 recession. And almost half of the households that turn to food banks for assistance are families with children.

“Hunger is a persistent problem right across Canada,” said Katharine Schmidt, Executive Director, Food Banks Canada. “We’re thrilled that we can partner with CBC on an initiative that can help bring families together and also raise much needed resources to help those that are struggling to put food on the table.”

Every time a person registers their mealtime together with their family at LiveRightNow.ca, Food Banks Canada will receive a donation of a meal courtesy of Live Right Now and their partners. By partnering with CBC Live Right Now, Food Banks Canada encourages families across Canada to take time to eat together and know that their efforts will help another family in their community.

Food Banks Canada also acknowledges CBC’s long-standing support of food banks across Canada. The broadcaster’s regional holiday campaigns have helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars and pounds of food annually.

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Hunger Facts



of food distributed by Canadian food banks is fresh (eg. milk, eggs, fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, bread)