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of those relying on food banks nationally are children, when they only represent 19% of the population

Food Banks Canada announces $2.8 million grant from the Walmart Foundation


Food Banks Canada announced a generous, $2.8 million dollar grant from the Walmart Foundation, investing in vital support of the Canadian food banking network. This grant is part of the Walmart Foundation’s $15 million USD ($19 million CAD) commitment to prevent food waste and support food banks.  This is the third grant from the Walmart Foundation, totaling more than $7.5 million, to support the work of Food Banks Canada. For more than 30 years, food banks across the country have worked to address food insecurity in Canadian households; however, keeping pace with the growing need for services continues to strain resources. With families in need as a first priority, technology and capacity are in jeopardy of lagging behind.

Today’s announcement demonstrates a commitment by the Walmart Foundation to strengthen the food banking network’s ability to adapt to the changing needs of Canadians experiencing food insecurity and the food banks who serve them. 

“The Walmart Foundation is excited to support the work of Food Banks Canada to help food banks across Canada better meet the demands of a changing food system,” said Kathleen McLaughlin, president of the Walmart Foundation and chief sustainability officer for Walmart. “For over ten years, through philanthropic and business initiatives, Walmart has been working to reduce food waste and strengthen charitable programs to accelerate food recovery and get food to those who need it most.  Today we commit to accelerating progress in Canada. We hope this grant, combined with additional grants we are making to other leading non-profits, will catalyze collective action to reduce food waste all along the food chain, from farm to fork.”

The grant will:
  • Build capacity of food banks to obtain, store and share more fresh and perishable items;
  • Encourage collaboration and knowledge exchange to build more efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Expand food acquisition technology so that more surplus and available food makes it into the hands of the people who need it;
  • Build the ability for greater evaluation and impact measurement so that we know how effective our work is at making an impact on hunger and reducing the need for food banks longer term.
Chris Hatch, Chief Executive Officer of Food Banks Canada commented on this investment: “we are so grateful for the Walmart Foundation’s support; as it means many more food banks will have the needed resources to expand their services to meet the needs of the more than 860,000 people helped by food banks across Canada each month.”

About Food Banks Canada

We provide national leadership to relieve hunger today and prevent hunger tomorrow in collaboration with the food bank network in Canada. Together, the food banking network assists over 860,000 Canadians who turn to food banks each month. Food Banks Canada leads national research to advance public policy so that we can build a Canada where no one goes hungry.

For further information:
Media contact: Danielle Lalonde, Food Banks Canada, (905) 602-5234, ext. 232, Danielle@foodbankscanada.ca

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of food distributed by Canadian food banks is fresh (eg. milk, eggs, fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, bread)