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Hunger in Canada

The issue is bigger than you think

Food Banks Canada is dedicated to helping the millions of people who turn to food banks for help each year. We support the food banks and Provincial Associations that assist their communities by providing essential services, education programs, and referrals to social services.

Who is helped by food banks?

Every month, over 850000 people are helped by food banks

Discover who is turning to food banks in Canada, the reasons they need help, and recommended areas of government action.

What does hunger look like in your province?

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Check out this map of Canada for snapshot summaries of key data nationally and by province.

HungerCount has the data

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Looking for the truth about food insecurity in Canada? Our HungerCount report has stats and insights not found anywhere else.

Living with Hunger: Impossible Choices

Impossible Choices

We invite you to follow one of three stories of people experiencing food insecurity, and decide what you would do in each person’s situation. What choices would you make?

Want to help make a difference?

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Hunger Facts



of food distributed by Canadian food banks is fresh (eg. milk, eggs, fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, bread)