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Listening to the Voice of Hunger During Hunger Awareness Week

Listening to the Voice of Hunger During Hunger Awareness Week
Food is an important part of our lives: Canadians love to talk about it, photograph it, tweet about it. We are in search of the next new food treat, exotic ingredient or celebrity chef recipe.  In fact food related words like #food #foodie, and #yummy are mentioned over 10,000 times a day on social media.
On the flip side #Hunger is only mentioned 400 times a day. 
We live in a food-crazed world but we think it’s time to interrupt the conversation – just for a moment to help raise awareness of hunger across Canada.
In Canada over 3,000,000 million people struggle with hunger every day – and this is simply unacceptable
With food-related conversation being abundant on social media channels, we recognized an opportunity to help the voice of hunger be heard in this busy space.

Hunger Awareness Week’s purpose is to raise awareness of hunger in Canada and the important role food banks have in addressing this issue, today and the future.  We are marking the week with food banks across the country. Agencies from coast to coast to coast are asking their community members to acknowledge the week by holding events, and participating in the conversation.
Food Banks Canada is sharing a new video – to we hope will share the fact that hunger affects all of us We hope you will share it with your family and friends.
You can help too:
  • Follow and participate in the conversation with #HungerWeek and #Tweetsof Hunger  at @CanadianHunger and @foodbankscanada
  • Share our Hunger Awareness Week video
  • Support your local food bank by donating food, funds or time
  • Learn about the issue

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of food distributed by Canadian food banks is fresh (eg. milk, eggs, fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, bread)