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Election 2015 – Bring the Election to the Food Bank!

Election 2015 – Bring the Election to the Food Bank!
What food banks can do to make hunger a priority during the 2015 Federal Election
 On October 19th, Canadians will be heading to the polls to elect Canada’s next government.  With a virtual three way tie at the top of the polls, this election is impossible to predict.
A weakening Canadian dollar, a fragile economy and continued high food bank use mean the stakes in the upcoming election are incredibly high.

What food banks can do to make hunger an election issue

The food bank network has thousands of people and organizations in communities right across the country.  This extended network presents a unique ability to ask for real change from the next government. 

By working together, the food bank network can:
·         Inform candidates and the public about food insecurity and food bank use in Canada;
·         Encourage political parties to develop real policy options for citizens to weigh as they make their decision leading up to election day;
·         Bring increased attention to the root causes of hunger;
·         Make it clear that elected officials have a responsibility to develop long-term policy solutions that will reduce the need for food banks in the future.
Food Banks Canada Toolkit
Canadian flags in parliament hill
To help food banks across the country work together to make hunger an issue, Food Banks Canada has developed a toolkit that will help the food bank network be heard. 
The toolkit provides valuable information about the election process and practical guidelines on how to affect the democratic process in the following three ways: 
A-     To inform and educate local candidates about who is struggling in their communities and about what issues matter to them.
B-      To invite local candidates to visit organizations so that they can learn firsthand what food banks do and to learn more about those who are helped.
C-      To host a candidate’s debate to discuss the issues that matter to Canada’s most vulnerable citizens and to hear how each candidate/party would address these important issues.
Together, food banks and citizens can make hunger a priority
Hunger is not a singular issue – it is a symptom of a myriad of policies and circumstances that leave people no other choice but to turn to a food bank to feed themselves and their families. 
While solving hunger will not happen overnight, the current election provides a unique platform for citizens and organizations alike to raise the issues that can lead to a Canada where no one goes hungry.
By working together, we can make hunger a priority!
To read the full Food Banks Canada Election 2015 toolkit, click here

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