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Doing Good by Doing Your Grocery Shopping

Doing Good by Doing Your Grocery Shopping
When thinking about what food banks do, it’s not hard to immediately think about the community food drive – the ‘bread and butter’ activity of food banks across the country.  Food drives are an important source of donated food and critical to ensuring food bank shelves are filled when need is high. It’s a testament to caring Canadians who have shopped the aisles to pick up essential grocery items to place in food bank bins.
Grocery retailers help to significantly increase food donations by providing the opportunity for shoppers to make non-perishable food donations right in store.   Loblaw Companies have been hosting a national food drive for the last 6 years. Loblaws’ focus is to make it easy for their customers to donate along with an important benefit of raising awareness of the issue of hunger. By operating in over  585 communities across the country millions of pounds of food have been raised for local communities.
A few dollars donated at check-out can go a long way
Additionally at cash donation made right at the checkout helps to augment the food donations.  A donation of just $2 can really add up. Funds allow food banks to purchase food items that are more difficult to donate, such as dairy or produce, and with these additions, it ensures hampers are tasty and nutritious. With the Loblaw Companies food drive, 100% of your donations will help fight hunger, 85% of funds raised at the point of sale stay right in the community of the local food bank and help to cover essential costs like:
·         Fresh food purchases
·         operating costs for the refrigeration of fresh foods
·         Transportation costs such as gas and truck upkeep
The remaining 15% supports provincial food bank associations that assist food banks in each province through regional transportation and support services
Looking to make your donation a healthy one? Here’s a list of the top 10 healthy non-perishable foods:
1.       Oatmeal (regular – no added sugar)
2.       Pot barley
3.       Canned beans (no salt added)
4.       Whole grain high fibre bran cereals
5.       Canned salmon or tuna
6.       Whole grain pasta / Brown Rice
7.       Peanut butter
8.       Tomato sauce (sodium reduced)
9.       Dry beans (chickpeas, lentils, kidney beans, etc in bags)
10.     Canned vegetables (no added salt)
11.     Nuts. Any variety. Unsalted.
So the next time you are picking up groceries, you can also make a difference for your local community by helping to stock the food bank shelves for spring.  Just look for the bin between March 20th and April 9th. Over 1000 Loblaw stores are participating, find your local store here.
Thank you to Loblaw for their ongoing support. Loblaw is a key Food Banks Canada partner and supports our National Food Sharing System , a program that acquires and shares food across Canada. Loblaw supports local food banks every year through two national food drives. The most recent holiday food drive raised over 1 million pounds of food and $1.3 million.

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of food distributed by Canadian food banks is fresh (eg. milk, eggs, fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, bread)