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You’re Never Too Young to Make a Difference For Those in Need!

You’re Never Too Young to Make a Difference For Those in Need!
Greg Rollingson, Principal of Champion School in Champion, Alberta contacted us to share a story about an exceptional student, 11 year old Cale, has taken it upon himself to help those in need in his community. 

Greg explains, “We are a small rural school with just 100 students. One particular student in our school is raising awareness for the needs of food banks in our area.  He has started collecting Kraft Dinner boxes, and on June 24th, he will set them up as a domino course.  He was able to raise over 1450 boxes of Kraft Dinner as a grade 3 student.  Now he is in grade 5, and looking to surpass that mark. This young man has organized this all on his own, I'm incredibly proud of his effort. ” 

Once the domino display is over, Cale takes them to the food bank in Vulcan, Alberta.  We reached out to Cale to learn more about his efforts…

Food Banks Canada: What inspired you to raise awareness and food for your local food bank?
Cale: One day I was at the doctor's office, and I overheard another person talking about it.  We are very fortunate, others are not, and we need to help those people.

Food Banks Canada: The domino course is very creative, where did you get the idea?
Cale: I have a domino game at home and when I played it, I started to like it more and more.  I want to help people who need food, and make it fun.  
Food Banks Canada: Do you have a message you’d like to share with other kids who want to make a difference?
Cale: I'd recommend other kids try it.  It's good for people, and it feels good to make a difference.  When you help people, make it your own.  Do what you like, and use that to help others.

Thank you Cale for all your efforts, you are an inspiration!

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