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Food Banks Need More Than Just Food – Because Life has Other Necessities

Food Banks Need More Than Just Food – Because Life has Other Necessities
For those with limited income, managing periods can often become complicated and expensive for those who menstruate. On average, people who menstruate spend 3,000 days of their lifetime menstruating. Spending money on period products can often mean making tougher decisions when it comes to choosing to stay healthy and clean during their cycles or using that money for food or transportation.
Food banks also face a challenge when receiving donations, because it’s not often that period products are top of mind for donors. But there are some people willing to help.
News has spread about the lack of period product donations at food banks and many have stepped up. Organizations such as Helping Women Period and Women Helping Women have been able to provide hundreds and thousands of pads and tampons to their local food banks to assist those who need it.
A new program from Shoppers Drug Mart and U by Kotex will help to provide $300,000 worth of period products to food banks across Canada to share with those individuals who need it.
"The Mississauga Food Bank is so appreciative of Shoppers Drug Mart for their ongoing commitment to providing menstrual products to neighbours falling below the poverty line. We are proud to partner with the Period Poverty campaign to ensure no girls or women have to choose between putting food on their table and accessing personal hygiene items."
- Meghan Nicholls, CEO, The Mississauga Food Bank, Mississauga, ON

"We at the Kamloops Food Bank have witnessed the struggle of many individuals when needing to purchase period products — with some sadly have to go without. This is not acceptable in any community in Canada. Shoppers Drug Mart is demonstrating corporate responsibility and true leadership by identifying this reality and doing something about it! I am honoured to acknowledge their vision and share the gratitude of thousands of individuals they are supporting through this effort. Trust that the relief you provide through this truly humanitarian gesture impacts our communities and country in immeasurable ways."
- Bernadette Siracky, Executive Director, Kamloops Food Bank, Kamloops, BC
They may not be first on your list of items to donate, but the need for period products is great among those who use food banks. Consider adding these items to your list the next time you donate to your local food bank.
Food Banks Canada is grateful for the generosity from Shoppers Drug Mart and Kimberly Clark for their dedication and support.