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The Impact of a Dollar

The Impact of a Dollar
When it comes to helping individuals and families living with hunger, Canadians can be a generous lot.  And food banks know firsthand how communities unite to raise food and funds, especially at times when food shelves are running empty.  

Helping your community food bank can start at home by collecting extra food stocks from the cupboards for a food drive; at the grocery checkout by adding a few dollars to your bill; or even at work through a monthly payroll donation.
The uniqueness of the food bank network
Food banks are uniquely positioned to effectively direct donations they receive to provide essential food to people in need. This is accomplished efficiently through the use of donated services and time, accessing donated food, and the further donations used to pick up, transport, sort, organize, make and pack food.  Food banks ability to leverage donations makes a significant impact.
The impact of national food and fund drives
To be able to collectively share the impact of these donations, we show donors how their $1 can have a tangible effect in their community. Using information from Statistics Canada, the HungerCount survey and other food bank reports, we worked with Farm Credit Canada’s research department to co-develop a meal amount that would demonstrate the impact of $1 to be used for national campaigns for the food bank network. We determined that collectively, for every $1 raised during a national campaign, the network can leverage this to provide 3 meals. The impact of national campaigns, in conjunction with the extra value that food banks add to donor food and funds, food banks are able to stretch limited resources to share essential, nutritious food to 850,000 Canadians each and every month.
As we head into spring, the network is gearing up to participate in a number of national food drives that will help to fill the shelves for the summer months when support often slows. We encourage each of you to support one of these local food banks to make a difference to a Canadian in need.

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of food distributed by Canadian food banks is fresh (eg. milk, eggs, fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, bread)