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Food Banks Canada is the only national charitable organization representing and supporting the food bank community across Canada. Learn more about us — how we’re organized, our membership, and our programs.

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Close to 900,000 Canadians each month are assisted by food banks. By understanding the nature of the problem, and the possible solutions, we can all do our part to make a difference.


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of Food Banks offer referrals to other community services.

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Safe Food Handling Program

Program Goals: Our Safe Food Handling Program helps to ensure that employees and volunteers at food banks across the country are taking appropriate steps to safely handle the food provided through their programs.

Developed with input from the food banking sector, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and the agri-food industry, the program provides education and resources to food banks across the country.

Support: As part of the program, we have created a comprehensive set of materials, available to our network, at no cost through this site. These resources assist with needs assessment and personnel training, and include:

  • a set of safe food handling standards, with detailed instructions on best practices in receiving, handling, and storing food, including cleanliness and pest control, equipment, and environmental controls and training
  • a series of facility posters providing clear, graphic instructions for food bank personnel, a series of stick on decals that can be affixed to walls, doors and areas where quick reference to safe food handling fact is necessary
  • a set of fact sheets on food safety issues
  • a self-assessment questionnaire to help identify gaps and areas for improvement
  • an intake form for receiving donations

How to participate: The E-Learning Course is available to any volunteer or employee of affiliate food banks and agencies. To register, log in to the Online Resource Centre. For more information, please contact Brita Ball, Program Manager, Safe Food Handling at: brita@foodbankscanada.ca.

Are you a Provincial Association or affiliate food bank? Please visit the Online Resource Centre for more information.

This program is made possible with the support of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

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Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada